EFF2018 Announcement

::EFF2018 Official Announcement and Event Approval News::

The Earth Frequency Team is absolutely over the moon to announce the return of Earth Frequency Festival in 2018, with the dates of February 16-19 2018 set for our next edition.

We are very happy to make this announcement with further positive news that Ipswich City Council has issued the relevant permits for the festival at this early stage - 8 months in advance of the festival dates, and so EFF2018 will be starting off on firm footing. This level of support is a result of much hard work over the past few years and we are extremely happy to have this solid platform so early on to build the next edition of the festival.

Furthermore, we have some great news to add to this picture. After a 2 year process, Ivory's Rock has been successful in having it's development application approved - which provides Earth Frequency with planning approval for the forseeable future - this is not just a 2 year or 5 year approval, but a permanent level of planning approval that has been achieved for our festival for the long term.

This is a victory that has been hard won, as many of you know. Over the past 2 years, Earth Frequency has faced higher levels of scrutiny and especially in 2016 with some strict permit conditions. This process has also been at a time when all over Australia, outdoor music festivals are facing more attention and scrutiny from the media and regulatory authorities, with some of our much loved festivals around the country facing similar difficulties. It is no small feat in these times to be granted all the relevant permits for a 4 day outdoor music event for over 4000 people 8 months in advance. Over the past 2 years, there has also been a dedicated campaign from a small number of local residents against Ivory's Rock and Earth Frequency, and against this proposed long term approval. Despite all efforts to meet the concerns which have been raised with solutions, this has been an ongoing situation.

However after 2 years of discussions and consideration, Ipswich City Council has moved in favour of supporting Ivory's Rock and Earth Frequency and this is a very positive beginning for our next edition.

The future is looking bright for Earth Frequency and we can't wait to gather again with you all soon for 4 days of music, art and transformational culture.