The Consciousnest

A big hello from the ConsciousNest Crew!   We are super excited to be hosting a Harm Reduction Info Kiosk and Support Space at this years Earth Frequency Festival!  We have an incredible group of multidisciplinary volunteers ready to listen, chat and share some harm reduction knowledge!  The ConsciousNest provides a non-judgmental service of support and information. We welcome anyone who feels they need a safe and quiet place at any time (24hrs) during the festival. We also have plenty of information on different party safe topics. If you would like to learn more or just need to chill out and have a friendly chat, our ConsciousNest volunteers will be happy to help 🙂

We will be located near the Earth Pod stage, look out for the rainbow dome!  Peace and love booty shakers, see you all next week! ❤️